Fittings and Materials

  1. Leather, German, various colours.
  2. Carpet wool pile, rubber backed.
  3. Carpet, German O.E (1.5m wide).
  4. Vinyls.
  5. Vinyls, German.
  6. Cloth, genuine (not full range) (1.4m wide).
  7. Fasteners for boot carpets (stud on stainless steel plate).
  8. Allen bolt for seats: 6mm x 20mm Black (hex cap bolt).
  9. Allen bolt for seats 1985 onwards: 8mm x 20mm (hex cap bolt).
  10. Door panel clips, plastic (secures panel to inner door skin).
  11. Door bin mounting block.
  12. Tenax German 0. E hood button, black finish (also avail. in chrome).
  13. Tenax German O.E hood stud, black finish )(also avail. in chrome).
  14. Targa roof material O.E (0.9m wide).
  15. (1.4m wide).
  16. Carpet salt and pepper type, early 1970s (2.0m wide).
  17. Black interior panel vinyl, German.
  18. 911 Cabriolet window, clear, tinted green or bronze.
  19. Mohair hooding (1.4m wide).
  20. Bubble felt original backing for floor carpets (1.5m x 1.Om).
  21. Lever knob (to tilt seat forwards).
  22. Backing plate/plastic behind lever.
  23. Headrest early 911 (1970s) new trimmed in black vinyl.
  24. As above in black leather.
  25. Screws (black finish) and surface cup washers.
  26. Screws (chrome finish) and surface cup washers.
  27. Black vinyl (late type pebble grain).
  28. Targa rear bar seal.
  29. Targa front bar seal.
  30. Targa lower door seal.
  31. Targa roof locking handle (early and late).
  32. Interior mirror.
  33. Front windscreen, green tint (not top tint or ariel type).
  34. Sunroof seal (brush type) short.
  35. Sunroof seat (brush type) long.
  36. Air lumber pad and ir~flater (Recaro).
  37. Tread plate in black on sill.
  38. 356 ABC boucle carpet ml2.
  39. 356 ABC herringbone carpet cloth edge tape.
  40. Targa dowel.
  41. Targa dowel threaded block.
  42. DIY press stud tool 2-part.
  43. Tread plate plastic SC-3.2 etc.
  44. Cable early sport seats 1975-1980 long.
  45. Cable early sport seats 1975-1980 short.
  46. Door cap O.E 911.
  47. Shifting wheel.
  48. Push in cover for shifting wheel.
  49. Targa hook catch.